My name is Jim Rabbit. I am from Marion, Iowa. I would say I’ve been an artist ever since I can remember. I started to take art more seriously around my senior year of high school in 2015. Evolving a hobby just for fun, into a full blown passion and purpose in life. Over the years, I have delved into doing many landscapes, portraits, still lifes, and abstracts in many different mediums including acrylic, oil, pencil, pen and marker, as well as charcoal, and more on canvases, paper, or whatever material was made readily available. Very soon I would find myself running out of wall space and storage for my ever expanding portfolio. So as a simple means to save space, I would start to gravitate towards making sketchbooks. Not only would this save me space but this would also mean I could also produce more works and fulfill what would come to my imagination on a more frequent basis and allowing for me to not feel so much as if my many ideas were passing by.

I would consider myself more so a landscape painter, however the years have so far proven me to be an abstract artist with a twist of creative writing mixed into the paint. As the years go by and I gain more time and space, I am sure I will be doing more works on canvas so as to fulfill my full artistic vision. As part of this vision, I have over 20 books in the works including landscapes, portraits, still life, philosophy, and more and more creative writings in my abstract books as they progress.